This Website is based on the web platform technology “Europe Link“, an innovative portal dedicated to business-to-business (B2B) business promotion for companies and merchants, customers of Europe link Group.

The implementation of this platform allows for constant updating of the data on the ieLink annual census database and analyzed through the proprietary Micro Marketing Analysis System  system to provide a targeted marketing service.

In particular, thanks to the analysis of the data acquired, in addition to the information on the use of the portal, statistics are provided to the producers so that they can obtain useful information for direct control over the promotional campaigns they propose.

Europe Link is a Startup based in Milan,Politecnico di Milano university whose mission is to develop innovative projects and services that give impulse to marketing and sales activities in companies.

The services it offers are the result of continuous investment in the pursuit of the latest technology solutions that enable daily achievement of these goals to meet their customers and acquire new ones.